Branding Makes The Brand Sizzle

This month, three major technology companies – Seagate Technology, Scotts Valley, Calif.; Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto, Calif.; and 3Com Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. – all launch major branding campaigns, which include heavy TV exposure.

The new campaigns are geared at increasing. container mind share and humanizing products sold mainly to engineers and other professionals.


Before and after

Seagate is known for its hard disk drives, which store data on computers; 3Com sells products such as routers that move network traffic around; and Sun is known for building servers, computers that run networks.

Now, Seagate wants to be known for finding the information you need, 3Com wants its brand recognized on

Oh Downsizing… We Hardly Knew Ye…

imagesCorporate downsizing has left marketers in a bind: Their job is particularly vulnerable while employment opportunities have slowed considerably.

In the throes of downsizing, “companies always look at what they would call non-mission critical departments,” said Phil Weebler, principal with Destination Cherryfield, an economic development group supporting Cherryfield, Maine.

Support departments like marketing communications fall into the non-mission critical category. “If you’re not part of manufacturing, sales, etc., you are at risk,” Mr. Weebler said.

According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., a Chicago-based outplacement firm; corporate layoffs slowed from 1993 through 1995 – 615,186 jobs were cut in 1993; 516,069 in 1994; and 439,882 in 1995. But “since

Talking Snoring Effects, And Zyppah

zyppahSnoring is a horrible problem in anyone’s life, the person doing the snoring and the one sleeping next to the snorer. Snoring also has some devastating health consequences associated with it. Sleep is a crucial life giving element that human beings need to survive. It is as important as water. The dangers of sleep deprivation can take a drastic toll on a person’s life. Snoring has been linked to many serious if not fatal health conditions from heart disease to depression It is now known that people whose snoring is caused by sleep apnea have a 40% greater chance of dying than people who don’t.

Given those statistics, it is critical to find a way to stop the snoring. One of the easiest and effective methods is the Zyppah (pronounced “Zee pah”) stop snoring mouthpiece. The Zyppah stands head and shoulders above the competition. In addition to holding your jaw in place, it also features a unique quality unlike other mouthpieces, a tongue stabilizing strap to hold your tongue in place while you sleep. Most stop snoring devices on the market today currently focus on either holding your jaw in place or holding your tongue, but not both. The Zyppah mouthpiece has the revolutionary technology to do both.

This mouthpiece is classified as a hybrid oral appliance because it features not only MAD (mandibular advancement technique) technology but TRD (tongue retaining device) as well. By holding the jaw AND tongue in place, users can take advantage of the technology of a MAD and TRD device simultaneously. What is odd about this mouthpiece, however, is that it is neither as good as the key TRD on the market, the Good Morning Snore Solution, nor is it comparable to the best selling MAD device, the ZQuiet.

When a person falls asleep, their jaw, mouth and neck muscles relax, this draws the jaw and tongue backwards via gravity, causing the airway to become obstructed, and these areas of the neck and mouth begin to vibrate as air is being forced through the throat, causing the actual snoring sound. The Zyppah will not only hold your jaw in place, but the main culprit of snoring, your tongue. Continue reading

Scottish Art Trip Warms The Heart

I planned and orchestrated the workshop a good year in advance of the departure date. On September 19, artists from California, Georgia, Michigan, Oregon, and Wisconsin gathered in the charming little village of Coldingham, 60 miles south of Edinburgh and 70 miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne.

scotheartThe participants stayed in mobile homes, called “caravans” by the Scots, in a vacation park a short walk from the ocean and the fishing village of St. Abbs. Each mobile home had two or three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and bath. Each student received a generous supply of Unison and Yarka pastels, Wallis and La Carte paper, a French easel, and …

Cracking The Crosshatching Code

Elizabeth Apgar-Smith believes crosshatching is especially suitable for subjects with a highly textural quality. For the slick, hard edges of a street scene or a cityscape, she would normally use oil or watercolor. But because most of her subjects come from the countryside around her home in rural upstate New York, the softness of pastels is perfect for depicting the undulating natural shapes. To highlight and enhance the textures of such scenes, she uses crosshatching to reproduce the effect of light breaking across surfaces, as in the sheep’s wool in The Committee.

A beautiful example of crosshatching in action.

A beautiful example of crosshatching in action.

The artist loves playing with color, and she’s found crosshatching allows

Handling International PR Is A Tough Task

newimage12Marketing executives within corporate America revealed in a recent study a telling prediction: Of all disciplines for which they’re responsible – more than the Internet, more than cause marketing, more than sports marketing and even more than advertising – international public relations will be the most important during the next three to five years.

The telephone survey was conducted by United Way Yuma in January among 100 randomly selected U.S. PR executives. The survey found 81% think PR in general will gain importance in the next five years and 87% feel the same about international PR.

That means money for international PR. And where money goes, measurement must follow because

Outsourcing Marketing? What Has This World Come To?

omwgBusinesses across the country are outsourcing work to other companies to increase work volume while holding down costs – a trend that marketing departments are beginning to follow.

Traditionally, companies have held the line at contracting for mainly non-professional work, such as secretarial or janitorial services. But in the never-ending search to cut costs, a company can now lease workers to supplement everything from its law department to its board of directors.

Outsourcing marketing

For example, one large addictions professionals association in Kansas cut one of its division’s marketing department from 12 to two people. The department has outsourced the actual work of writing direct marketing letters, newsletter publishing and supplemental sales force training to another company.

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B To B-ing. Remember That?

brtWhen it comes to achieving excellence in advertising creativity, most people immediately look to the ads themselves. But creativity goes far beyond that. The people who figure out the media strategy have a much more difficult task in many ways. They must answer to two masters: Creative ad placement and the bottom line.

This month we honor the Best & Brightest Media Strategists – the people who have proven that they can unite these often conflicting masters. For the third year, Business Marketing has selected the top media strategists in business-to-business today. These men and women represent the best in their profession, bringing to media strategy a dedication to quality

Disability Won’t Bring Him Down

Forty years ago John Frazer executed a Zen-like landscape that his art professor at Yale, the legendary Bernard Chaet, published in a textbook with a caption, “This wash drawing makes us detached observers of a calm, panoramic scene.” The painting, an early hint of Frazer’s lifelong interest in Japanese design and culture, suggests a predisposition for living in the moment.

Today Frazer, a tenured professor of art at Wesleyan University, spends much time in a scenic panorama of his own making in Middletown, Connecticut. But here the peacefulness is his aggressive response to a health crisis and reward for mindful planning for the future. Frazer became disabled when a

Spotting A Commendable Anti Wrinkle Cream

aac2After a couple of weeks of using the best anti wrinkle cream, I finally regained my lost confidence. The emergence of wrinkles on my skin has made me extremely conscious about my appearance. I am really thankful for having found this product. It really helped that I made use of the internet to spot the most effective anti wrinkle cream today. I visited blogs and forums to know which product has been proven effective in getting rid of wrinkles and other skin imperfections brought about by aging. I did not forget to visit credible product review sites to weigh the quality of every anti wrinkle cream brand that I learned. …

Effective Panic Attack Remedies

eparYou may have already heard people saying that yoga and meditation had helped them get through stressful events. Many people with panic disorder incorporate yoga and meditation into their routine because these are effective relaxation techniques. If you are having panic attacks, you should consider enrolling on a yoga class. Relaxation techniques like yoga are considered effective panic attack remedies. Yoga is a form of exercise that does not only strengthen the body but also relaxes the mind. Attending a yoga class once or twice a week can be beneficial to your overall health. Meditation is also helpful because this will help you reorganize your thoughts and reflect on your …

How To Remove Joint Pain By Changing The Diet

htIf you want to alleviate joint pain, you may feel as a result of your rheumatoid arthritis disease, you may try to change the diet and start exercising. Since your bones are weak and you may feel fatigue, don’t bother with huge activity changes but rather go for long and easy walks to keep the body in good shape. Also, maybe you want to include the food that will remove the chance of inflammation. If that is so, ask your nutritionist to plan a diet for rheumatoid arthritis. Some say that switching to vegetarian diet may do you good. Vegans will advise you to try the vegan diet as well. …