Talking Snoring Effects, And Zyppah

zyppahSnoring is a horrible problem in anyone’s life, the person doing the snoring and the one sleeping next to the snorer. Snoring also has some devastating health consequences associated with it. Sleep is a crucial life giving element that human beings need to survive. It is as important as water. The dangers of sleep deprivation can take a drastic toll on a person’s life. Snoring has been linked to many serious if not fatal health conditions from heart disease to depression It is now known that people whose snoring is caused by sleep apnea have a 40% greater chance of dying than people who don’t.

Given those statistics, it is critical to find a way to stop the snoring. One of the easiest and effective methods is the Zyppah (pronounced “Zee pah”) stop snoring mouthpiece. The Zyppah stands head and shoulders above the competition. In addition to holding your jaw in place, it also features a unique quality unlike other mouthpieces, a tongue stabilizing strap to hold your tongue in place while you sleep. Most stop snoring devices on the market today currently focus on either holding your jaw in place or holding your tongue, but not both. The Zyppah mouthpiece has the revolutionary technology to do both.

This mouthpiece is classified as a hybrid oral appliance because it features not only MAD (mandibular advancement technique) technology but TRD (tongue retaining device) as well. By holding the jaw AND tongue in place, users can take advantage of the technology of a MAD and TRD device simultaneously. What is odd about this mouthpiece, however, is that it is neither as good as the key TRD on the market, the Good Morning Snore Solution, nor is it comparable to the best selling MAD device, the ZQuiet.

When a person falls asleep, their jaw, mouth and neck muscles relax, this draws the jaw and tongue backwards via gravity, causing the airway to become obstructed, and these areas of the neck and mouth begin to vibrate as air is being forced through the throat, causing the actual snoring sound. The Zyppah will not only hold your jaw in place, but the main culprit of snoring, your tongue. Continue reading